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About US

About Us

Seaview Crab Company was created in 2006 by three friends (Sam Romano, Nathan King, Joe Romano). The founders were intrigued by the work, independence, and raw entrepreneurial experience of catching live blue crabs and selling them direct to the public. After graduating from college, the three received a crash course in entrepreneurship. The endeavor began simply with 50 crab pots, a commercial fishing license, a pickup truck and a hand painted sign that read live blue crabs for sale. After 3 years of roadside boot strapping, the company took over an existing fish market at 6458 Carolina Beach Road in 2009.

Over the past 10 years of growth, the trio has grown into a 60+ fishmonger team with a supply chain that reaches up and down the coast of North Carolina and beyond. The core leadership team has been with the company since they were in high school and we still operate open air markets. Our service reach has expanded to multiple locations in Wilmington, Sanford, Spout Springs and virtually across America via our Drop Shipping program. We have also expanded to serve over 50 local restaurants and recently opened our own Seafood Take out Kitchen.

As our company continues to grow we stay grounded in the values that have fueled our growth. One of our most important company philosophies is that we seek to root our supply chain and seafood knowledge into the rich history of North Carolina’s Fisheries and Fishermen. At the same time, we keep our eyes on the horizon to adjust to changing weather patterns, regulations, and customer demand. We passionately believe that we must maintain win/win/win relationships between our Fisherman, Fishmongers, and Customers. This means we aim to honor our reputation with every transaction we make with our stakeholders.

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