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How much does shipping cost?  It depends on where you are and what you order. We have two ways to order.  (Flat Rate Shipping Boxes and Custom orders).  For a custom order please fill out the form by clicking HERE  If you want to order a flat rate fishmonger curated box (shipping included)  click HERE

Where do you ship your seafood? 

All 48 contiguous states. 

How do you package your seafood? 

We use a combination of Gel Packs, Dry Ice (for frozen/longer shipping times), insulated packaging, polyethylene liners, absorbents, and a cardboard shipping box to ensure that your seafood arrives cold, clean, and fresh. 

What days do you ship?   

Monday through Thursday.  Packages delivered Tuesday through Friday. Flat rate packages ordered on Monday and Tuesday will be shipped either same day or next day. Orders placed after 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday. If you have any questions, please email

I want something that is not in your Online Store.  How can I order it?

Fill out this Form - Our shipping coordinator will get back to you.

What if I’m not home when my order arrives?   

We ship all our packages “signature not required”  so that no one has to sign for the seafood.  To insure the fastest shipment we recommend having your seafood shipped to your office or work. UPS prioritizes commercial deliveries- the quicker you get your seafood the better.

When do I need to place my order? 

The earlier the better. Fresh seafood is always limited and the early you let us know what you want the better the chance you will get what you want. 

Do you ship wholesale orders for my restaurant or catering event? 

If you are a restaurant or caterer and are interested in placing scheduled orders please email us your information and seafood interests and we will get back to you. 

 What if my package does not arrive on schedule?

We make it our responsibility to get the package out in time to keep our shipping providers delivery promise.  That being said, once the package is out of our hands, responsibility for prompt delivery lies with our shipping provider.  We will supply you with tracking numbers, and we always pack our orders with plenty of frozen gel packs to stand up to unpredictable shipping issues.   We can't take responsibility for lost, delayed or mishandled packages. This being said we will go to bat with the shipping providers to try and insure all shipping costs are refunded to you.


What do I do when my package is delivered?

  • Unpack the seafood and refrigerate, freeze or cook ASAP. 
  • Don’t discard packaging! Our liners and boxes are great quality for re-use. Gelpacks just need to be rinsed and re-frozen. 
  • Rinse then cook or re-pack. Unless frozen, a quick rinse is always a good thing when handling seafood after it has been stored. Generally speaking, storing in a refrigerator within well-drained ice is the best practice. Live seafood should stay cool and moist.
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